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Some links to other websites of interest...

Fencing and Reenactment
Society for Creative Anachronism
- A large Medieval Reenactment Society
The Empire of Chivalry and Steel
- a not-for-profit Medieval reenacment society
East Kingdom Fencing Rules
- The Rules of Fence for the East Kingdom
SCA Fencing Drills
- Practice makes perfect!
Zen Warrior Armory
- Reenactment fencing equipment (part of Triplette Competition Arms)
James the Just
- Nice rapiers and live steel swords
Darkwood Armory
- Another reputable rapier maker
Alchem Inc.
- Wide variey of collection of historical fencing gear
Popinjay's Fencing
- High-quality reenactment fencing equipment
League of Rapier Academies
- Previously called the "East Kingdom Cording System"
Period Firearms in the SCA
- For those who duel in the SCA
The Pillaged Village
- "Your One-Stop Medieval Shop" - they love us, so I'm sharing the love
SCA Juried Merchants List
- A whole menagerie of SCA merchants
Atenveldt Rapier
- Website for the rapier society of Atenveldt (Arizona)

Period Gun Sites
Gunbroker.Com (pre-1899 category)
- Want to own a piece of handgun history?
Military Heritage
- Black powder pistols and muskets
Cheaper Than Dirt
- Limited selection of black powder pistols and muskets
Armchair Gunshow
- Beautiful antique pistols and muskets
Guns America
- Replica and antique pistols and muskets (check the categories)
Thomas Del Mar Ltd
- Beautiful antique pistols and muskets

Steampunk and LARP
RPG Spotlight Forum
- RPG.Net's International RPG Forum
Shade's LARP List
- LARP Community List
- Live Adventurers Company
The Happy Zork: Assassin Game
- Free Assassin Game Hosting for College Students
The Steampunk Workshop
- Steampunk Craftsmens' Community
The Steampunk Home
- Because it's about more than watch-parts jewelry
The Steampunk Lab
- An online repository of steampunk projects
Steampunk Convention
- Website of the California Steampunk Convention


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